Making healing boxes


Making Healing Boxes® is simple and FUN! People between the ages of 6 and 96 have enjoyed making them. Watch the Assembly VIDEO

OR Download Assembly Instructions and follow the seven-step process below.

Contact with any questions or concerns. Assembly assistance can be provided.

Inst1 Feb 6

How to Make Healing Boxes®

newStep1nstrStep 1  Bend back and forth on all crease lines to prepare pieces for folding. Put print side of paper face down. The wings are marked “A” and “B”. Be sure to fold wings and all pre-cut flaps.

Inst2 Feb 6Step 2  Pinch the two “A” wings together.

Inst3 Feb 6Step 3  Keeping the “A” wings pinched, fold the flap outside the “A” wings over those wings into the box’s center. Triangle tip should point to the box’s center.

Inst4 Feb 6Step 4  Pinch the two “B” wings together and then fold the flap outside of them over those wings into the box’s center, just as you did with the “A” wings. Fold the remaining two side flaps into the center. All four triangle tips should point to the center of the box.

Inst5 Feb 6Step 5  It is important to make the corners very square. To do this, use a pen cap, non-pointed instrument or a small wooden dowel to push back and sharpen the corners. Having clean corners is needed for the boxes to “nest” or fit inside one another.

Inst7 Feb 6Step 6  Repeat this process to make each box’s top and bottom.

Inst6 Feb 6Step 7  Insert an inspirational message and a surprise inside the smallest box. Then fit the smallest box’s top over its bottom, and put that box inside the medium sized box, and that one in the biggest box. Have FUN making them and giving them to your loved ones.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like more supplies, please feel free to contact Jon Gorham at

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