Program Set-Up

Healing Boxes® can be used in an existing art therapy or complementary services program in a variety of hospital, rehab settings, mental health, retreat, or other healing centers. They can also be a stand-alone inspirational activity – perfect for a waiting room or infusion center. Our company provides all the materials and training you will need. This is a turnkey program.

A Taster Package for Healing Boxes® ($30 US) – Materials

4 sets of feather printed components and 4 sets of white (unprinted) components,
with two assembled sets (e.g. one printed and one unprinted)- ten boxes all together. The unprinted boxes allow for kids to color, paint or decorate as they see fit. The feather printed boxes are a generic healing design.

These ten samples you will allow you to experience how simple, yet profound these origami boxes are. They are easy to assemble, designed to be personalized and give both patients and care givers a tool for creating a conversation about the nature and status on an illness. Healing Boxes® help create a safe space of empathetic listening and can stimulate the healing process.

The Standard Package for Healing Boxes® – Materials and Training ($4,950 US)

  • 2,500 pre-cut, pre-creased sets of the six box components
  • Four double sets, (eight boxes total) of quote and surprise dispensers

SurpriseBox     QuotesBox
Surprises for smallest box                                               15 Quotes to choose from

  • Four laminated sets of quotes and 40 precut sets of each quote
  • Four sets of six kinds of surprises for the dispensers
  • Four sets of displays for training and dissemination purposesRollling-Stand
  • Two sets of Russian dolls
  • 100 sanded dowels for corner creasing in box assembly
  • A durable rolling stand to hold all the materials. (Optional)

Notes regarding the boxes

The tops and bottoms for the three nesting boxes are shipped F.O.B. from West Haven, Connecticut in boxes containing 150 pieces of each of the six tops and bottoms. Each box (13” x 10” x 6”) weighs about 7 pounds and can be easily handled and stored.
Larger quantity purchases may be made, i.e. 5,000, 7,500, 10,000, 20,000, sets etc. Higher quantity orders reduce the unit cost significantly.

Healing Boxes® may be purchased with the current, standard design or custom designed with the client’s graphics, logo, URL, QR – barcode, and/or branded images. Additional charges apply for custom designs.


In order to achieve maximum benefit from the use of the origami boxes a Healing Boxes® program comes with two hours of training. For those facilities within 100 miles of New Haven, CT, this training can be done in person. For those facilities further away, two hours of Skype training is available. Those who are trained will be equipped to train others. Here is what you will learn:

  • Identify who is a good candidate for making boxes, both the patient and/or the support person in attendance
  • Training on how to make the boxes, and how to train others in how to make the boxes.
  • How to listen with an empathetic ear to the status of the patient, i.e. What are his or her immediate concerns, level of pain or anxiety, status of treatment, outlook for survival, etc. and engage in a meaningful conversation
  • Strategies for your facility to collect feedback on mood improvement, anxiety reduction, and the quality of the hospital experience so that your facility has good data for documenting patient care satisfaction.

See: Assembly instructions for Healing Boxes® and Healing Boxes® Benefits and Testimonials.


For more information about how you might set up your own Healing Boxes® program, please contact Jon Gorham at

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