UntitledHealing Boxes® are an engaging, set of three, colorful, origami nesting boxes (like Russian dolls) printed on sustainable paper that volunteers can assemble with patients and others in order to:

– Boost their spirits
– Lower their stress
– Cultivate a healing, loving mindset

Healing Boxes can be an integral part of an art therapy program designed to stimulate a healing mindset. These boxes were first introduced to a hospital setting during the summer of 2014 while Mary Gorham was undergoing chemotherapy treatments at the Yale Smilow Cancer Center in New Haven, Connecticut. The Healing Boxes® were warmly received by patients, staff and volunteers at the hospital. They have since been integrated into Smilow Cancer Hospital’s complementary services, art therapy program.

Healing Boxes are:

– Low cost
– Easy to make
– A FUN distraction from a person’s illness

These innovative origami boxes:

– Bond patients with care givers
– Promote healing
– Serve as a memento of the healing process

People who assemble Healing Boxes® can include an inspirational quote or personalized message along with an amulet, trinket or surprise inside the smallest nesting box.

A surprise and an inspirational quote fit inside the smallest box

By making, assembling and personalizing and then giving Healing Boxes® away, the full healing power of altruism is unlocked. When patients do something for someone else whom they might never meet or get to know (e.g. a youngster in the Children’s hospital, or parents waiting in the emergency room, or post-operation lounge) the patient becomes a healer, and, thereby, heals him or herself.

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Seven and eight year olds make the boxes


For more information about how you might set up your own Healing Boxes® program please contact Jon Gorham at jon@healingboxes.org.

 Healing Ourselves, Healing One Another, and Healing the World