The activity of making Healing Boxes®, personalizing them, and then giving them away provides multiple benefits to patients. These include, but are not limited to the following.

Key Benefits of Healing Boxes® for the Patient:

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  • Distracts patients from their pain and anxiety surrounding their illness
  • Relieves boredom from long waits during medical procedures or while patient is recuperating – an engaging, hands-on activity
  • Encourages a sense of accomplishment (i.e. most patients can make the simple-to-fold, origami boxes)
  • Can facilitate meaningful communication between patients and volunteers or other caregivers through the patient’s expression of inner feelings
  • Promotes inspiration, empowerment, and a healing mindset to patients through the act of making and giving them to others – an expression of altruistic love
  • Helps patients build connections to their own networks as well as to hospital support people

Key Benefits of Healing Boxes® for the Hospital, Clinic, or Care Center:


  • Improves the patient satisfaction experience, thus stimulating healing
  • Helps improve the overall mood in infusion centers, waiting rooms, and throughout the hospital
  • Provides a vehicle for volunteers and support staff to provide more empathetic care giving
  • Adds a low-cost activity to the complementary services the hospital or care center currently offers and gives an opportunity to bring visibility to other complementary services
  • Is a tangible memento of the visit that generates feelings of goodwill towards the hospital or care center

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