People of all ages and backgrounds love making and receiving Healing Boxes®. Patients can make them right from their hospital bed, and can give them to whomever they wish in a spirit of love. In so doing, the joy they bring is deeply healing.

In the words of Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, Dr. Karl Menniger: “Love cures people – both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.”

Reactions to Healing Boxes®

>>  Love these! What a great idea. Thank You. ~ Angela
>>  What a lovely activity for those in the waiting game. Thank you for sharing and God bless. ~ Maureen

>>  It takes your mind off of your illness. Being able to do something for someone else is nice. ~ Kathy
>>  Wonderful idea. Bring it to in-patients in the infusion center. ~ Anonymous
>>  Thank you. That made my day for me and my Mom. Thanks for sharing. ~ Ella and Louise

>>  What a gift in this time of Noel. ~ Sanella
>>  Smilow is full of wonderful surprises, like these boxes. Yes! ~ Anonymous
>>  This is magical love. Love. Love. Love. God is good. ~ Helen
>>  Be the change you want to see in the world. Thank you for your inspiration. ~ Lisa
>>  The Healing Boxes give me something to do. They take my mind off my treatments. ~ June
>>  Smilow is full of love…The volunteers are wonderful. ~ Anonymous
>>  Having a positive outlook is so important. The quotes are inspiring. ~ Marie
>>  This was a wonderful distraction and project. I love the words around the boxes. ~ Kathy
>>  Mary, this was such a wonderful thing to do. Everyone was boasting about these all around Smilow. ~ Cheryl
>>  The boxes are lovely and the quotes are inspiring. We are excited to make more of them. ~ Carolyn
>>  You’ve walked a mile in my moccasins. You both have had cancer. Thank you for sharing. ~ Nancy
>> As easy as folding pizza boxes (I used to do that). These will be wonderful for the kids. ~ Anna
>> Thank you for taking away my thoughts of my illness for an hour. ~ Sophia
>> This is an inspirational thing to do. I want to take them to the hospital where I work (Stamford, CT.) ~ Faye
>> What you are doing is wonderful. The boxes are so nice. I like the quotes – I want to dance in the rain. ~ Gail
>> A positive attitude is everything. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. ~ Kathleen
>> Psychologically, very upbeat. Our kids will have them made by 8 o’clock tonight. Many thanks. ~ Sid
>> These are very lovely; wonderful for when you’re down in the dumps. ~ Lynn
>> Easy to make and gives you something to focus on besides chemo. ~ Mildred

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For more information about how you might set up your own Healing Boxes® program please contact Jon Gorham at jon@healingboxes.org.

Healing Ourselves, Healing One Another, and Healing the World